Boost Your Client Base on the Go

With our vehicle graphics, you can create a rolling advertisement for your business. From box trucks, to vans, to standard sized cars, no vehicle is too large or too small for Elmark Signs.

We’ve created vehicle wraps for a variety of clients, including independent businesses and municipal vehicles like police cars and ambulances. See the gallery below for examples of our past work.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle graphics are made with printed vinyl graphics that adhere directly on top of your vehicle’s original paint. Vehicle graphics help get your business noticed while on the road.

An Effective Strategy

Vehicle wraps are a great choice for business owners. In a study by 3M, vehicle graphics were found to be a highly economical form of advertising. Compared to advertising through television, magazines, newspaper, prime-time television, and radio, fleet graphics had a significantly lower cost-per-impression. Check out our Science of Vehicle Graphics page for more information.

Measuring Your Vehicle for a Wrap

To get started with your custom vehicle graphic, follow the steps below.

  1. Get a clear, straight-on picture of each side of the vehicle.
  2. Always measure along a body line or some other visible feature so that we can ensure our proportions are correct.
  3. Measure each side of the vehicle to be lettered. Note that differing lengths on the passenger and driver sides is normal, so make sure you provide measurements for both.
  4. Be very accurate, down to the 1/8″. Measure from crack to crack, or feature to feature.

For examples of how to properly measure and photograph your vehicle, check out the photos below.

If you need any assistance measuring your vehicle or have questions before you get started, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also request a quote online.