It’s obvious—an eye-catching sign in front of your business is an important piece of your marketing efforts. It attracts attention and it’s your first chance to establish your brand.

The exterior is important, but don’t neglect interior signs! Reception signs are an effective way to improve continuity within your company. Your customers will be impressed when they see a sleek sign on the wall as soon as they enter your front door.

Customizing Your Reception Signage

Reception signs use the following materials:

  • Dimensional letters made of acrylic or PVC
  • Aluminum or bronze lettering
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Acrylic backings

Your budget and the elements of your logo will determine the type of reception sign that is the best fit for your brand.

Dimensional Letters Mounted Directly on the Wall

A popular option for reception signage is to create dimensional letters with acrylic, PVC, aluminum, or bronze, and adhere them directly to the wall. As you can see from the examples in the gallery below, these types of signs create a modern feel:


Dimensional Letters Mounted to an Acrylic Facing

Mounting dimensional letters to an acrylic facing is another option.

These types of signs have a clear background and holes drilled around the border to hold them up. Browse the gallery below for examples:

Amsted Sign

Vinyl Letters Mounted to an Acrylic Facing

Similar to the method above, Elmark can create vinyl letters and mount them onto acrylic facing in the shop. Browse the gallery below for examples:


What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Sign Type

Mounting dimensional letters directly onto the wall offers the advantage of a clean look, but not all logos are well-suited for this style. Small elements, such as the dot on top of a lowercase “i” may not hold up well on your wall. Very detailed logos are also difficult to create. If your logo has many colors or a gradient effect, making them out of printed vinyl is a simpler option.

Some other factors that can significantly smooth the process of creating your sign are providing a vector file of your logo as well as a version that can be rendered in a solid color.

Getting Started With Your Reception Signage

When you’re ready to create reception signs for your business, contact us. It’s important that you have a vector file of your logo that we can use. We design, create, and install signs throughout the Philadelphia area.  To see more of our work with reception signs, visit our gallery.