Map of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Getting a new business sign is an exciting process. You get to plan signage that represents your business and see it take shape.

One factor that many business owners don’t anticipate is getting your sign approved by the township. This can be a stressful process, but it is necessary. If your sign isn’t up to code, the township could force you to remove it.

Before you get started planning your business sign, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re up-to-date on the regulations for your municipality. Simply find your township from the choices shown below and click the link to find out more about the zoning laws in your area regarding business signs.

Sign Regulations in Upper Providence Township

If you are planning a sign project near Media, you will need to tailor your plan to fit the regulations for Upper Providence Township. Consulting the zoning map for Upper Providence Township will also be helpful.

Sign Regulations in Springfield Township

Business owners in Springfield will need to consult the policies for Springfield Township as well as the Springfield zoning map.

Sign Regulations in Radnor Township

Depending on where your business is in Bryn Mawr, you may need to consult the policies for Radnor Township. Keep in mind that Bryn Mawr straddles two townships, the other one being Haverford. You will also need to study the zoning map.

Sign Regulations in Haverford Township

Havertown and certain parts of Bryn Mawr are in Haverford Township. Some Bryn Mawr addresses are in Radnor Township, so be sure to consult the correct guide. The Haverford Township zoning map will also come in handy.

Sign Regulations in Newtown Township

Newtown Square business owners need to adhere to the rules for Newtown Township. Check out the Newtown Township zoning map for more information.

Sign Regulations in Concord Township

If you are looking to install a sign in Glen Mills, consult the rules for Concord Township. The zoning map for Concord Township will help you make sense of some of the regulations.

Need a New Sign in Delaware County?

If you need more help designing a sign that is up to code for your area, contact the skilled team at Elmark Sign & Graphics. We have been designing, building, and installing signs since 1984. To get started, fill out our online form, or dial 610-692-0525.