Dimensional letters create depth that is more visually interesting than a standard 2-dimensional sign.

Mounting 3-dimensional letters directly to the wall creates a sleek, modern look that will impress your customers. When choosing a sign with dimensional lettering, you have several options available. Selecting different materials can change the look of your letters.

At Elmark Sign & Graphics, we take care of designing, building, and installing your sign. From start to finish, we will create the exact sign you have in mind for your business. We can also work with you if you need a spark of inspiration for a fresh idea. A good place to start is to browse the galleries below for examples of projects we’ve completed in the past.

Check out our dimensional letters page to learn more.

Metal Lettering

Metal letters create modern and classy signage. Some popular materials are bronze and aluminum. Peruse the gallery for a detailed look:

Acrylic or PVC Letters

Acrylic or PVC lettering is a versatile material for matching or establishing your brand with a clean presentation. In the images below, you can get a close look at the versatility of this material:

Are Dimensional Letters a Good Fit For Your Logo?

Not all signs are meant to be dimensional letters. If your logo has a lot of precise detailing it will be difficult to adhere to the wall. While our tools are precise enough to create these small elements, you may have a hard time keeping them mounted properly.

Ready to Get Started With Your Dimensional Lettering?

For a customized, attractive, high-quality sign, you’ll want to work with an experienced sign company, like Elmark Sign & Graphics. To request a quote, fill out our form online or call 610-692-0525.