Channel Letters


Nothing stands out like a set of illuminated channel letters. These 3D sign letters will surely grab attention to your retail store or business.

BUILT TO LAST: Backed by a lifetime guarantee.
MATERIALS: Choose from brushed aluminum, or stainless steel. 
LIGHTING: Front lit, halo lit, or both. White, red, blue, and green LED lighting available.
MOUNTING: Stud mounted or on a raceway
INSTALLATION: Installation pattern included 

Facelit Channel Letter


Illuminated from the front

Back Lit Halo

Halo Lit

Illuminated from the back

Face and halo lit

Illuminated from the front and back




Frequently asked questions

What are channel letters?

Channel letter signs are illuminated 3d letters that are mounted to the exterior of a building. The can be face lit or lit from behind to create a “halo” effect.

What the difference between channel letters and dimensional letters?

In one word – illumination. Channel letters are illuminated while dimensional letters are not. Because of this, channel letter are generally deeper, as the aluminum “can” structures must be deep enough to hold the LED modules.

How much do channel letters cost?

Channel letters are considered premium signage products and tend to be expensive. The cost of a channel letter will vary widely, based on the materials, complexity and size. The average cost of a single 12″ high channel letter will range between $200-$500.

How are channel letters made?

Channel letter fabrication involves several main components – The faces, the backs, the sides (returns), the led modules, and trim caps.

  • The faces and backs are often made from poly-carbonate and aluminum, respectively. Both are cut with a CNC router. Vinyl is  applied to the poly-carbonate faces to match any desired color.
  • The sides (returns) are made by bending, either with a machine or by hand, a thin coil of aluminum, which is usually 6″ in depth.
  • The returns are secured to the aluminum backs, usually by rivets.
  • The faces are secured by a thin piece of plastic called “Trim Cap,” which follows the contour of each letter.
  • The LED modules are secured to the aluminum back of the letters, which allows the light to shine through the poly-carbonate face (for front lit letters).


How long will it take for me to recieve my order?

The average turnaround time for channel letters is 7-15 business days.