Halo Lit Channel Letters - Depuy Synthes
Backlit Letters - Downingtown
Halo Lit Letters Prosmile
JABIL illuminated letters
Solenis Channel Letters
Channel Letters - King of Prussia - The Point at KOP
Face lit channel letters - The Point at KOP
Comstar Backjlit Channel Letters
Blade sign - The Smith Valley Forge

Channel Letters


Nothing stands out like a set of illuminated channel letters. These 3D sign letters will surely grab attention to your retail store or business.

BUILT TO LAST: Backed by a lifetime guarantee.
MATERIALS: Choose from brushed aluminum, or stainless steel. 
LIGHTING: Front lit, halo lit, or both. White, red, blue, and green LED lighting available.
MOUNTING: Stud mounted or raceway mounted
INSTALLATION: We offer professional installation services, no matter the complexity.

Facelit Channel Letter


Illuminated from the front

Back Lit Halo

Halo Lit

Illuminated from the back

Face and halo lit

Illuminated from the front and back


I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your creation of our sign!! I get comments about it every single day. It is absolutely doing its job. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much.

Kristin / The Jeweled Warrior

Spectacular monument and wall signs…The signs are attractive and the unique design blends contemporary functionality with old-world style befitting our 167-year-old church building.

Creative Director, Megan Quick, was responsive, patient, good-natured and committed to this project from Day One. We thank the entire ELMARK team for excellent workmanship and great customer service.

Susan / Saint Nicholas Church

The very best in quality & service! They made us the most perfect signs for our Stores in New Jersey! Recommend to everyone – the best in the business.

Michelle / Hunt & Orchard



Frequently Asked Questions

What are channel letters?

Channel letter signs are illuminated 3d letters that are mounted to the exterior of a building. The can be face lit or lit from behind to create a “halo” effect. They are considered one of the more premium sign products available.

Halo Lit Channel Letters - Depuy Synthes

What the difference between channel letters and dimensional letters?

In one word – illumination. Channel letters are illuminated while dimensional letters are not. Because of this, channel letter are generally deeper, as the aluminum “can” structures must be deep enough to hold the LED modules. Click the following links if you’re interested in dimensional letters (3D letters).

How much do channel letters cost?

Channel letters are considered premium signage products and tend to be expensive. The cost of a channel letter will vary widely, based on the materials, complexity and size. The average retail cost of a single 12″ high channel letter will range between $200-$400.

How are channel letters made?

Channel letter fabrication involves several main components – The faces, the backs, the sides (returns), the led modules, and trim caps.

The faces and backs are often made from poly-carbonate and aluminum, respectively. Both are cut with a CNC router. Vinyl is  applied to the poly-carbonate faces to match any desired color.

The sides (returns) are made by bending, either with a machine or by hand, a thin coil of aluminum, which is usually 5″ in depth. The returns are secured to the aluminum backs, usually by rivets. The faces are secured by a thin piece of plastic called “Trim Cap,” which follows the contour of each letter.

The LED modules are secured to the aluminum back of the letters, which allows the light to shine through the poly-carbonate face (for front lit letters).

What’s the difference between raceway mounted and flush stud mounted?

Raceway mounted channel letters involves the production of an aluminum structure (Raceway), which is generally 9″ high and spans the length of your letters. The letters are mounted to the raceway and the raceway, not the letters, are mounted to the building. The raceway is often painted to match the building façade, in order to blend and keep the focus on the letters.

Flush stud mounted letters are installed directly to the building. The installer will tape a pattern, or template, to the building. The pattern will show an exact, computer generated placement of each drill hole. After drilling each hole, the installer removes the pattern and mounts the letters, which have studs in the back of them that fit exactly into the pre-drilled holes. 

Channel Letter Raceway

What is the benefit of using a raceway?

There are two main benefits to using a raceway – Ease of installation and reduced number of penetrations (drill holes) into the building.

Raceway installations generally involve drilling 4-8 holes into the building, as compared to flush stud, or direct mounted letters, which often require 4 or more holes per letter. Many landlords require raceway mounting to limit the number of drill holes into their building.

From a financial standpoint, adding a raceway will certainly add to the cost of your sign. It should also reduce the time/labor required for the installation.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

The average turnaround time for channel letters is 7-15 business days.