Custom Monument Signs.

Since 1983.


Monument signs are perfect for real estate developments, shopping centers, or multi-tenant office buildings, and industrial parks. Unlike building mounted signs, monument signs grab uber attention because they are placed near the road, and directly within the field of vision for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

While there are seemingly limitless customization options, most choices revolve around the three main sign components:

  1. The Sign Body: Most commonly constructed out of aluminum, high density urethane (HDU), stone, or brick.
  2.  The Sign Face: If aluminum is your choice, you may decide on vinyl lettering or something with more depth, such as dimensional letters. If the sign is illuminated, you may choose between push-through letters, or routed out letters. No idea what we’re talking about? Don’t worry. We’ve included examples below.
  3. The Sign Base: Can be brick, stone, or you can choose something low-profile, where there is no distinct or separate sign base.


monument sign red aluminum

Sign Body: Fabricated aluminum cabinet, finished in red automotive paint. The interior of the cabinet is lined with LED modules for illumination at night.

Sign Face: Aluminum with CNC routed out letters, backed with white poly-carbonate, which is a translucent material that allows the illumination of the LED modules to shine through.

Sign Base: Stone 

Electronic Message Board
Monument Sign

This work of art has an aluminum base and face. The Electronic Message Center (EMC) was built into the base, and its companion software system allows for effortless message changing The letters and logo are a combination of dimensional and halo lit letters.

YMCA Message Board sign
Monument Sign - Crossing at Bailey Station

Carved HDU Monument Sign

This gorgeous monument sign has a custom stone base. The carved sign face was made out of 2″ thick High Density Urethane (HDU). The letters, logo, and border were carved into the HDU by a CNC router machine. The sign was finished with automotive paint, and several coats of high gloss clear, to give a mirror like finish.

Aluminum Monument Sign

This snazzy looking monument sign’s face and body were  fabricated out of aluminum. It has no separate or distinct base. It was finished in grey and white automotive paint, to match the clients brand guidelines. The sign is non illuminated, and vinyl was used for the letters and logo on the sign face.

SupplyOne Monument Sign
Monument Sign Phoenixville Riverworks

Corten Steel Monument Sign

The base of this elegant sign was made from Corten, which is a weathered steel that gives an ultra modern rust look. The top panel of the face was made from solid 1/4″ brushed aluminum, with Corten steel letters and logo.

Illuminated Monument Sign

This ultra-modern illuminated sign has both routed out (“South”), and push-through letters (“575”). It is The base is made of brick, and the sign body is a triangular shaped V-sign, which was constructed by welding together two sheets of aluminum, which were powder coated in matte black. To add more depth, grey aluminum panels were installed on top of the cabinet.

575 South Monument


Monument signs are low to the ground, freestanding sign structures which often have vertical support structures that are concealed by an enclosed base.

Almost certainly, yes. Most local governments (townships, cities and counties) have jurisdiction to regulate zoning and building codes. There are often sections within their land use code that are specific to signage. Some jurisdictions are particular about the allowable sizes, and even design and materials.

The first step in any monument sign project is proper code research. First, find out the actual jurisdiction your property is in. This may be different than the city or town listed on your post office mail. Next, do an internet search of the jurisdiction along with the work “municode.” For example, if your sign is in Elmarkville, you can google “Elmarkville Municode,” which should lead you to a searchable version of their various codes. Type the work “signage” into the search function and you should be taken to the relevant sections, which speak to signage requirements, including allowable square feet, regulations for electric signs, and other info such as permit fees.

Yes, we sure can! Permit fess are generally $500-$750, but can be higher if more work is required – such as attending a board of adjustment, or zoning board hearing.

The production lead time for most monument signs is 2-4 weeks.

The price of a monument sign will vary greatly, based on materials, size, electrical wiring (if any). In general, monument signs are a premium signage product. For a non-illuminated monument, prices range between $5,000 and $10,000. Illuminated monument signs range between $10,000 and $15,000. Monument signs with electronic message screens are often exceed $30,000.

Can Andrea Bocelli sing? Of course! We install signs throughout the lower 48 states.