County Lines Magazine Feature


County Lines Magazine lead article features the 18 original works of art, chosen by the Public Arts Commission and sponsored by Elmark, to celebrate West Chester’s Great American Main St Award.


Looking for a place to dine, where the options range from fine to fantastic to fun, and where sidewalk cafes line walkable streets with charming brick sidewalks? There’s a place where you can sip a glass of wine, quaff a craft brew, browse the boutiques, and still take time to catch up with friends. Downtown West Chester is that kind of place.

Catch sight of the new banners that bedeck lampposts along High Street displaying snippets from local artists’ favorite works. On the reverse side of each eye-catching banner, sponsored by Elmark Signs, is a celebration of the Great American Main Street Award presented to West Chester’s leaders by the National Main Street Center last year. Just more evidence that this 300-year-old town is happily embracing a contemporary style that exudes a renewed and energetic vibe.

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