A Classic Technique With a Modern Twist

Here at Elmark Sign & Graphics, we call carved signs the Cadillac of our work. Customers commonly use this type of signage to create a timeless, elegant statement in front of their business.

Carved signs can be routed to create incised letters or graphics. Incised letter or graphics are carved into the high density urethane. Carved signs can also be prismatic, meaning the letters raise off of the sign. Find examples of both types below. More information about carved signs is available on our gallery page.

Using a dense urethane, a material in the plastic family, we are able to recreate the look of classic wooden signs, but with a cleaner presentation. Wooden signs tend to crack and splinter around the seams, while urethane signs do not.

Finishing Touches

Customers who want to add a truly elegant touch can opt for a gold leafing finish. Our 23-karat gold leafing makes signs stand out, especially in the sun. In the carved signs below, you can see how the gold leafing makes these elegant signs pop.

We finish the signs by adding a layer of clear coat, the same type used in the automotive industry. This sturdy and strong seal helps your sign maintain its color and keeps it looking new for years to come.

For more information about the carved signs we create at Elmark Sign & Graphics, visit our carved signs page.