Light the Way to Your Business

Illuminated channel letters are a striking choice for your business sign. You have the option to choose from a variety of customization options in order to create the perfect look for your storefront that captures customers’ attention any time of day.

Channel letters are custom made using aluminum cans and covered with a translucent face. LED lights illuminate the letters and logos, using either backlighting or front lighting. Businesses can choose from an assortment of colors for the acrylic faces, translucent vinyl, and trim cap.

Learn more about channel letters on our gallery page.

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

Front lit channel letters have the LED lighting inserted at the base of the can, pointing away from the building and through an acrylic face. These letters can be directly affixed to the building or to a raceway when required. The effect is bright and uniform. Take a look at the gallery below for a detailed view.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Backlit signs are installed with spacers between the letters and the building. The LED lights are positioned inside of the letters, but pointing directly at the building. This type of lighting creates a halo effect as in the photos below.

Two Signs in One

Many business owners want their lighted signs to appear a different color during the day than at night. We can achieve this by adding perforated vinyl over the acrylic face. These can make a sign appear black during the day and white at night. Take a look at this material below.

See more examples of channel letters in our gallery.